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Discover Bronze Wood & Leather, our enticing new Cologne Intense and a
sultry, sensual scent. Rich with precious ingredients, our Cologne Intense
Collection ignites the senses: close your eyes and
be transported to a fantasia where January doesn’t need to exist…


Myrrh & Tonka Body Crème

An oriental, woody scent, enriched with deep, resinous myrrh and warmed with bronze wood.

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  • Escape into Bronze Wood & Leather

    Our latest Cologne Intense takes you on a journey into new unexpected territory. Discover more about the fragrance and how it was created with Celine Roux, our Global Head of Fragrance and Master Perfumer Marie Salamagne.

    What was the inpiration for this scent?

    Celine: Rather than a specific place, this fragrance is a journey into your imagination: picture a mysterious walk deep into the woods as a misty day draws to a close. An escape from the everyday. Follow the trail of warm and smoky woods, as the trees are burnished by the sun's evening rays. Then add the sultriness of beautiful, handcrafted leather and that rich intense smell as it is warmed by the sun- it's the perfect combination for that deep, cocooning escape. It's that trail of warm, smoky and burnished woods, mingling together, that we have christened as 'bronze wood'.

    How did you bring the signature Jo Malone London twist to the scent?

    Marie: When I created Tuberose Angelica for example, it was more about the voluptuous tuberose flower, and the angelica was the twist to bring the luminosity. For this fragrance, the leather part is as strong as the woody part. The woody part is comprised of the bronze wood, warm woody accord and smoky woody accord. It's much more balanced, a perfect mix of warm and voluminous ingredients, but all with the same importance.